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It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Charles Spurgeon

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by. I dabbled with the idea of becoming a minimalist for a while now but never thought I could commit to such a strict lifestyle. I love “stuff” and home décor is my guilty pleasure. Earlier this year as I sorted through my 10-year-old Christmas décor pile, I felt a tremendous sense of fulfillment and peace. As always, I added onto my collection but this time I had the courage to let go of some items.  New, old, expensive, cheap, gifted, bought, trendy, unique; it didn’t matter.  If I didn’t love it right there and then, I parted with it.  

I pushed the envelope and walked around the house pen and paper in hand. I wrote down every single thing I didn’t care for and shared the list with my husband. His initial reaction was: Wow, Really!? After discussing the details, he committed to the idea and we’ve embarked on a journey to surrounding ourselves with only pieces we absolutely love. 

Well, today I would like to share my home dressed for fall. To keep with our new journey, I added few simple touches of fall to welcome the new season.  Let’s start at the front porch.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), you‘d know that we recently purchased some outdoor furniture that I am obsessing over. We sold the set we previously had here to a sweet couple who was thrilled to have found the exact match of chairs they currently have. I was glad to make their day and a few bucks!!

This beautiful set from the Home Decorator Collection that I coveted for months now lives on our front porch. I love the meandering curves of the chairs and prefer an open rattan weave over the traditional tight style.  Seriously, I am obsessed and now intentionally use our front door just to peek at them!

Ok. Let’s head inside. Shall we?

Our front door brings you directly into our living room which boasts a soaring ceiling and expansive windows. Features that I love until I have to photograph it. Hah!

Here is a fun simple vignette idea.  Stick a couple stems of eucalyptus (or your favorite flower) in a vase. Add a fall figurine or a pumpkin. Take it up a notch with a candle or two for ambiance. Affordable, simple and beautiful. 

Another reason why a simplistic approach is key for me is that I don’t thrive when my house is messy.  My least favorite place in our house is the garage and my most favorite is the pantry. It is organized with containers that are not only functional but also easy on the eyes.  I will share a post on this someday but for now, let’s head to our family room.

This girl is a gift from my brother and sister- in law when they visited Jamaica last year. Don’t you just love her sassiness?

Coming from the living room that is full of color, patterns, and textures, the monochromatic family room is a great visual palette cleanser.  

Editing my collection of throws is by far the hardest, guys. And to be honest, I let go of only one. In order not to feel overwhelmed and fail, I often have to remind myself that this is a journey to be surrounded by things we love. This throw from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s is such a well made yet an affordable piece that I cherish very much. It is perfect for chilly nights and my favorite to snuggle up with when the fire is on.

The simple palette makes this small-ish space feel much, much larger.

Our family room opens to the dining and kitchen area. I had so much fun styling our sideboard this season with candlesticks and eucalyptus branches. Super simple and affordable.

Similar to the pillows used on the chairs in the family room, I love the contrast between the black iron of these candlesticks and the white taper candles. They are a gift from my dear sister who writes a fantastic fashion blog. Check her out here. You are in for a treat:)

My husband and I are far from being true minimalists by definition but the progress we’ve made at only having things we love around us is tremendous. As I walk around our home now, I see pieces that I love than the contrary. The holiday season will be a greater challenge as Christmas is my absolute favored holiday but we shall see.

Well, that is it for today’s post. I hope to have inspired you to eliminate the unnecessary from your home and only add what you absolutely love this season and beyond. For me, fall is about cozy layers, lots of candles, simple greenery and great conversation around the fire.

What about you? Do you seize changes in season to edit your home? Have you embarked on a new journey recently? I would love for you to share tips that have helped you stay the course.

Happy fall and a bientot!






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