May 08


During this year Easter’s mass when the usher motioned the pew before us to head down for communion, my oldest daughter B. leaned over and whispered in my ears: Mommy, this is the last time I cross my arms for a blessing. I looked at her, smiled and said: Yes, it sure is!

I spent countless hours reminiscing on my own first communion during the days leading up to our daughters’ big day. It wasn’t so much the all-white ensemble or the fact that I shared such a special moment with my sister and brother. There was something truly unique about that day. I was a lector, the songs felt more lively and I just couldn’t wait to receive the Body and Blood of our Christ Savior. I love that day very much and wanted the girls to feel the same about theirs. To build upon the specialness of the day, I took a chance and had them try nothing but their dresses in advance. Everything else was a surprise. While they sleep, I carefully laid each of their accessories down in hope for a smooth morning. A veil, a pair of white gloves, earrings, tights, and shoes were waiting to be put on for the long awaited notable mass. Fast forward to what seems like only two hours later, they were ready and eager to head out the door.

B.’s dress

E’s dress-similar

I just knew I would cry, y’all.

As they walked down with our priest, memories of when they were handed to me as a baby at the hospital to offering them to our Lord and Savior during their baptism rushed through my mind and I could not help but tear up. As a mom, I worry about whether or not I am making the right decisions for them. I worry about how I am doing with this huge task entrusted to me by God. These are moments I have to remember his very own words: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Our parish banishes pictures during the ceremony which I am grateful for as it forced us to be in the moment and truly witness our kids receiving the sacrament. For memories sake, a couple sans-flash ones were sneaked in. They aren’t the best quality ever but they will do.

After communion, I went on my knees and said many prayers of gratitude. The mass was simply beautiful; the homily was spectacular and the songs were perfect for this sacrament. After mass, we attempted to replicate some poses I swooned over on Pinterest but they were too way excited for those formal pics. Oh well!

The two pictures below truly capture their personality.

My oldest B. Compassionate, subtle and sweet. A deep thinker.

My youngest E. Energetic, gregarious and affectionate. My little adventurous one is twirling at the altar.

To say that they were overfilled with joy and excitement is an understatement.

After a billion pictures with family and friends, we headed home to celebrate. The girls helped set everything the day before and as you can imagine the dessert table was their favorite. I served Potbelly sandwiches, lasagna, assorted fruits and of course some African food later in the evening. For dessert, I made key lime shooters and raspberry cupcakes. I added our favorite tuxedo cake from Costco and a beautiful friend made flan for us – yum!

I lucked out and found these super cute jeweled tip tea spoons and demi forks (not pictured) at Homegoods. It added the perfect dose of glam that I was after. The key lime shooters were a huge hit. They were so easy to make, yet so tasteful – Little E approves 🙂

 Tea Spoons 

The day was full of so much joy and I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. I pray that the fire burning in them stays lit until the end of time.

Thank you very much for sharing in our joy.

A bientot, Victoria.

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