By collaborating with you and listening to what you want your space to be,  we will create a project that is unique and tailored to you. Our goal is to eliminate the guess-work from the planning process and deliver a turn key space that you can be proud to share with family and friends for years to come.

Our current services include but are not limited to:

The full service is designed for clients who will like turn key design for any room or set of rooms. Because each client’s needs differ from the other; the scope of a project, and the amount of management desired, will be determined during the initial consultation and outlined in the design agreement.

The room refresh service is ideal for clients who desire to give their room(s) a fresh new look without a complete makeover. With a few changes and styling, we will create a room that you fall in love with again.


  • Design Consultation
  • Space Planning & Furnishings
  • Selection Services (paint, tile, stone, wood flooring, carpeting)
  • Floor Coverings & Area Rugs
  • Window Treatments
  • Lighting, Artwork, & Accessories

Consultation:  Each project begins with an open dialogue to understand the  size and scope of your project. We discuss your vision, timeline, budget and agreements. 

Conceptualization: A mood board is created and presented to you during this stage. We collaborate on this piece until you love it.

Acquisition of furnishings and accessories: We shop your home first and shop for other items as needed.  If trades work is needed, they will be ordered at this stage.

Installation:  The vision becomes reality at this stage. All pre-work has been completed and your room(s) is ready installation and styling.